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Welcome to another weekly post about things to do and things to gift your oh-so-fabulous mommy!
This time, we’re going to be discussing some fun activities all you wonderful sons and daughters can do with your moms that are bound to bring you closer to each other. After all, a strong bond between a mother and child is one of the greatest connections in nature!
So, look no further if you’re looking for planning a fun activity or several activities for that matter with your wonderful Happy Mother Day
Let’s get to it:
#1 – Visit a park! (Beware of weather conditions!)
Picnic are always a delight! They bring around a joyful atmosphere with the sun out and children and animals playing all around! Pick up some sandwiches and some beverages to cool you down and go out for a lovely picnic to a close by park for some true bonding with your mother.
#2 – Movie time!
Has it been a while since you’ve had a movie date with your mom? If so, take her out for one of the latest blockbusters of her choosing, get some deliciously hot melting buttery popcorn and a large beverage! Sit down, relax and enjoy the movie with your mother with the most comfortable movie watching experience!
#3 – Take a trip down memory lane!
Take a day out to sit with your mother with a cup of tea or coffee and just chat about all the good memories from the past, take a look at some old family photos/videos together, look at those totally cute baby socks that apparently once belonged to you and no longer seems believable. Have a laugh or two and smile reminiscing about the past!
#4 – Go to the mall!
Take your wonderful mommy out to her favorite mall, and let her go bonkers shopping for all the things she love! They say that retail therapy creates joy and excitement, why not give her that by taking her out today!
#5 – Take mom for a girl’s day out!
So this may-be directed towards something the daughters would do for or with their mothers, but if you’re a guy, don’t be afraid and still take her out. It’s a bold statement by you and a proud moment for your mother as she will then know that you’re still your momma’s boy! Those pedicures/manicures plus all the hair and make-up they can do is definitely going to brighten up your Mother’s day gift and make her feel oh-so-special!


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