Scroll For Adorable Brother

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For A Brother Who Means The World To me

If it wasn't for you brother, I wouldn't have taken the plunge to explore my life the way i have and still do. It is said that even if you have just one person who confides in you and trusts you with all his heart, your life is worth it. that's who you are to me. when i made mistakes, you stood up for me. when i took my own decisions, you believed. when i gave up, you shifted my gears. now what more could i have asked for ? my shoulder to lean on, my biggest critic, my favorite fan and most of all, a friend , a guiding light... We are siblings by chance and friends by choice. Even if i could've had it any other way. I couldn't have asked for brother as wonderful as you. You are the strength i see in life! Thanks For Being You.

Size : Length : 24 cm  X Height :  42 cm.


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