Best Valentine Greeting Cards

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A to Z things I Love about you..A-is your adorable smile that makes my day…B-is for your beautiful face that I want to see everyday…C-is for your caring nature that I really admire…D-is for you're dreamy and my heart's true desire…E-is for your enchanting voice that i want to hear every second of everyday...F-is for you're just fabulous in everything you do or say...G-is for your genuine heart that has already won me over...H-is for you're hot stuff,my sexy-sexy lover...I-is for you're simply Irreplaceable;for me,no one else will do...J-is for you're the Joy in my life,the one i owe my happiness to...K-is for your kisses filled with love and passion...L-is for your love for me that gives my heart satisfaction...M-is for you're so marvelous,i am completely mesmerized by you...N-is for your naughtiness in the playful gestures that you do...O-is for you are my one and only,the only one i need...P-is for you're simply perfect,my precious one,indeed...Q-is for your quirky sense of humor that always makes me giggle...R-is for your romantic touch,so tender that it makes my heart tickle...S-your simplicity,b'coz that's the best thing about you...T-is for you're hate one i can trust the one i can turn to...U-is for you're very understanding.with you.i can be myself and never have have to pretend...V-is for you're so vibrant and cheerful,you make my sadness disappear in just one second...W-is for your warm hugs,so full of love and so cuddly...X-is for you are the only exception; the only one for me...Y-is for you,of course without you,there is no me...Z-is for the zest you bring to my life,our love is incomplete without it,even you would agree....Whether 'A to Z' or 1,2,3, words to describe you might seem very few...But all you need to know is that,ALL OF ME LOVES ALL OF YOU....

Card Size : 19 inches x 13 inches

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